Range Rules


Safety Rules

Proper footwear is required at all times on range. 

Never shoot an arrow in the air. You don’t know where it will land

Never fire a bow without an arrow (Dry Fire). It can cause damage to the bow and potential harm to the archer

Never point a bow, loaded or unloaded, at anyone.

Don’t go up to score and collect your arrows until the DOS (Director of Shooting) says to. Only step up to the shooting line when the DOS instructs you to do so.

Only put an arrow on the bow string when you are on the shooting line and facing your target. Only point your bow at the ground or at your target.

Upon hearing the command “STOP”, or four sharp blasts on a whistle or buzzer you must immediately stop shooting. If you are at full draw you must let the bow down. You must not shoot.

Always ensure that the arrows you are shooting are long enough for your individual draw length. One way to check is to place the arrow nock in the centre of your chest and stretch both arms straight out in front of you and touch the palms of your hands together on the arrow. If there is still arrow out past your outstretched hands then it is ok to use those arrows. The arrow is too short if your hands reach past the end of the arrow.

Always flex test your (carbon) arrows every time after shooting them. Make this a habit every time you pull your arrows out of the target. If you hear any cracking or splinters show pull the nock out of the arrow to ensure you never shoot it again.

If you drop an arrow while on the shooting line and you can reach it without stepping over the line check with the DOS or your coach before retrieving it. If you can’t reach it without stepping over the line the arrow must stay where it is until all shooting has ceased for that end. The arrow is not counted as shot, if it is still within the 3 metre line.

When walking up to the target to score your arrows do just that. Walk! Keep an eye out for arrows on the ground.

Safety First. Fun Second.